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Callie Burt

Faculty Profile: Callie Harbin Burt, Ph.D

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Callie Burt

Office: 622G
Phone: (602) 496-0409

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Assistant Professor
University of Georgia, B.S
University of Georgia, M.A
University of Georgia, Ph.D

ASU at the Downtown Campus
Criminology and Criminal Justice
411 N. Central Ave. Ste.600
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Callie Burt is an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University, and a faculty affiliate of the School of Social Transformation. Dr. Burt received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Georgia. Her primary research interest is in developmental and life-course criminology, and her work focuses on elucidating the social, psychological, and biological mechanisms through which social stressors and supports influence antisocial behavior across the life course. Recent research has examined a number of environmental risk and protective factors for criminal behavior, including racial discrimination and racial socialization, supportive parenting, community crime, and peers. A related line of research focuses on stability and change in personality factors associated with reckless behavior in adolescence and emerging adulthood. In an ongoing project, she investigates the enduring criminogenic effects of racial discrimination and explores the mechanisms through which racial socialization provides resilience. Dr. Burt’s research has been published in the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Criminology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, and Justice Quarterly. Recently, she was awarded a DuBois Fellowship for Race, Gender, Crime, and Justice from the National Institute of Justice for 2014-2015.


Classes Taught

  • CRJ 225 Introduction to Criminology
  • CRJ 308 Advanced Criminological Theory


Research Interests

  • Developmental and Life-Course Criminology
  • Racism and Crime
  • Self-control and Reckless Behavior
  • Biopsychosocial Criminology


Recent Publications

  • Burt, Callie H., Gary Sweeten, and Ronald L. Simons. Self-Control through Emerging Adulthood: Instability, Multidimensionality, and Criminological Significance. (2014). Criminology. Forthcoming.
  • Burt, Callie H., & Ronald L. Simons. Pulling Back the Curtain on Heritability Studies: Behavioral Genetics and Criminology in the Postgenomic Era. (2014). Criminology. Forthcoming. 
  • Burt, Callie H., & Carter Rees. Behavioral Heterogeneity in Adolescent Friendship Networks. (2014). Justice Quarterly. Forthcoming. (Online first doi: 10.1080/07418825.2013.856932). 
  • Burt, Callie H., & Ronald L. Simons. Interpersonal Racial Discrimination, Ethnic-Racial Socialization, and Offending: Risk and Resilience among African American Females. (2013). Justice Quarterly. Forthcoming. (Online first doi: 10.1080/07418825.2013.781205).
  • Burt, Callie H., & Ronald L. Simons. Self-Control, Thrill Seeking, and Crime: Motivation Matters. (2013). Criminal Justice and Behavior. 40(11): 1326-1348.
  • Burt, Callie Harbin, Ronald L. Simons, & Frederick X. Gibbons. (2012). Racial Discrimination, Ethnic-Racial Socialization, and Crime: A Micro-Sociological Model of Risk and Resilience. American Sociological Review 77(4): 648-677.
  • Simons, Ronald L., & Callie Harbin Burt. (2011). Learning to Be Bad: Adverse Social Conditions, Social Schemas, and Crime. Criminology, 49(2): 553-598.


Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Criminology
  • America Sociological Association


  • Community Context and Violence: African American Youth Transitioning to Adulthood. Center for Disease Control. Co-Investigator. 2009-2011

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