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Scott Decker

Faculty Profile: Scott H. Decker, Ph.D

Criminology and Criminal Justice



Office: UCENT 607
Phone: 602-496-2333

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Foundation Professor
DePauw University, B.A
Florida State University, M.A
Florida State University, Ph.D

ASU at the Downtown Campus
Criminology and Criminal Justice
411 N. Central Ave. Ste.600
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Scott H. Decker is a foundation professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University at the Downtown Campus. He earned his Ph.D. in Criminology from Florida State University. His research interests include criminal justice policy, gangs, violence, and juvenile justice. His most recent book, Confronting Gangs: Crime and Community, was published in 2013. The American Society of Criminology awarded Decker the title of "Fellow" in 2012 for his scholarly contribution to the intellectual life of the discipline and his substantial role in the career development of other criminologists.

Courses taught

  • CRJ 494 Gangs
  • CRJ 532 Criminiological Theory
  • CRJ 531 Seminar in Criminal Justice

Research Interests

  • Criminal Justice Policy

Recent Publications

  • G. David Curry, Scott H. Decker, and David C. Pyrooz. 2013. Confronting Gangs: Crime and Community. New York: Oxford University Press. Second edition, 2002. First Edition, 1998.
  • Moule Jr., Richard K., David C. Pyrooz, and Scott H. Decker. In Press. From 'What the f#@% is a Facebook?' to 'Who doesn't use Facebook?': The role of criminal lifestyles in the adoption and use of the Internet. Social Science Research. Forthcoming.
  • Decker, Scott H., David C. Pyrooz and Richard Moule, Jr. 2013. Disengagement from Gangs as Role Transitions. Journal of Research on Adolescence. Forthcoming.
  • Jeff Rojek, Scott H. Decker, Geoffrey P. Alpert, and J. Andrew Hansen. 2013. “Is the quarterback a „crip‟: The presence of gangs in collegiate athletic programs.” Criminal Justice Review, forthcoming.
  • Alpert, Geoff, Jeff Rojek, Scott H. Decker, J. Andrew Hansen, Randy Shannon, Ryan Alpert and Daniel Radakovich. 2013. Perceptions of gang involvement among college student athletes. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 5: 2, 1-25.
  • Scott H. Decker, Chris Melde and David C. Pyrooz. 2013. What Do We Know about Gangs and Gang Members and Where do we Go From Here?. Justice Quarterly, 30, 3:369-402.

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Achievements and Pursuits

  • Fellow, American Society of Criminology, 2012
  • Fellow, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, 2007

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Criminology
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences


  • Gangs
  • Youth Crime
  • Strategic Problem Solving
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