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About BSCJ

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice is an exciting option that provides online students with the same dynamic quality of education offered in on-campus courses and a solid background in the field of criminal justice.

The study of criminology and criminal justice involves the analyses of theories, laws, policies and practices associated with criminal and delinquent behavior, as well as the government’s response to criminal violations. This program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime and criminal justice that is based in social sciences and focuses on the policies and practices of criminal justice system components, such as law enforcement, corrections and the courts.

As part of the College of Public Programs, criminal justice students have the opportunity to learn directly from a prestigious group of criminal justice professionals who are experts in policing, gangs, crime, fraud, and the court system. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical perspectives on criminal activity and hone the research, analytical and communications skills required for working in complex criminal justice occupations.

Employment and government experts anticipate rapid and sustained job growth in law enforcement, corrections and private security-related fields in the next decade. Graduates may choose to build upon the strong intellectual base they develop at ASU and pursue advanced degrees in law, criminology and criminal justice, or other social science disciplines.

•    No 1 ranked online program by Super Scholar

•    Affordable tuition (no residency requirements)

•    Internship opportunities

•    Nationally recognized faculty

•    Ability to study anytime, anywhere

•    Personalized attention


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