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Criminal Sentencing and Sentencing Advocacy Certificate

Program Description

Social workers and other criminal justice professionals perform a number of roles in the disposition and sentencing of various offenders and in the provision of services to victims. The certificate provides social workers with the kinds of knowledge and skills required to practice as mitigation specialists. This is a burgeoning area of practice in the field of social work. It also provides criminal justice majors with exposure to classes on topics dealing with treatment alternatives and mental health concerns that are not currently available to students in many traditional criminal justice programs.

Degree Requirements

Program requires the following: 15 credit hours.


Required Courses: 9 hours

CRJ 513 Seminar in Courts and Sentencing 3
SWG 528 Seminar on presentence investigations 3
SWG 529 Seminar on advocating sentencing alternatives 3


Electives: 6 hours (choose two)

CRJ 524 Seminar on punishment and society 3
CRJ 519 Seminar on victimization 3
SWG 527 Seminar on mitigation in death and life cases 3
SWG 526 Seminar on mental health for sentencing professionals 3
CRJ 598 Seminar in Death Penalty 3
CRJ 518 Seminar on Race/ethnicity and crime issues 3


Total required credit hours: 15


Admission Requirements

Degree(s): BSW from an accredited program of social work; individuals who are currently in the graduate of social work program or the master in criminal justice program; individuals who have an advanced degree from another accredited program of social work/criminology/criminal justice program

GPA: Minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.0=A) in the last 60 hours of a student's first bachelor's degree program. Minimum of 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.0 = A) in the applicable Master's degree.

English Proficiency Requirement for International Applicants: Same as Graduate Education policy.

Required Admission Examinations: None required


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