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Law Enforcement Administration Certificate

sdsheriffsofficepicAbout this certificate: The Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Administration will prepare and enhance the law enforcement professional through comprehensive coverage of topics in criminal justice organizations, policing and program analysis, and cross-disciplines such as public administration. Students will cover the challenges of management, learn how to lead in a public agency, and gain an understanding of the process of policy development. The certificate is designed to give students a solid foundational understanding of law enforcement agency administration, leadership, and policy analysis.

Fifteen credit hours are required for the certificate: four required courses and one elective chosen from a list of pre-approved courses. The elective taken toward the certificate can be selected by the student, but only from the courses on the pre-approved list. Students are required to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and to have no more than one grade below a B- in courses taken to complete the certificate program.



Required courses:

  • CRJ 512 Seminar in Policing
  • CRJ 516 Seminar in Criminal Justice Organizations and Management
  • CRJ 527 Police Accountability
  • PAF 520 Public Management

Electives (students will choose one course):

  • CRJ 515 Seminar on Women and Crime
  • CRJ 517 Seminar on Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
  • CRJ 518 Seminar on Race/Ethnicity, Crime and Justice
  • CRJ 519 Seminar on Victimization
  • CRJ 520 Seminar on Violent Crime
  • CRJ 521 Seminar on Nature of Crime
  • CRJ 522 Seminar on Gangs and Crimesdoffice2
  • CRJ 524 Seminar on Punishment and Society
  • CRJ 525 Seminar on Life Course Criminology
  • CRJ 598 ST: Criminal Justice Ethics
  • CRJ 598 ST: Forensics
  • CRJ 598 ST: Death Penalty
  • CRJ 598 ST: Crime Mapping
  • CRJ 598 ST: Ecology of Crime
  • CRJ 598 ST: Sex Offenders and Sex Crimes
  • CRJ 598 ST: Politics of Criminal Justice Policymaking

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