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Degree Requirements

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The Bachelor of Science Degree Program at Arizona State University is a comprehensive curriculum with an emphases in: criminology, social services, courts and pre-law. Each of these areas blend theory, research, and practical application.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice is an 120 credit hour program. To earn this degree, all students must successfully complete the following courses:

Core Classes (21 credit hours)
CRJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 201: Criminal Justice Crime Control
CRJ 225: Introduction to Criminology
CRJ 302: Research Methods
CRJ 303: Statistical Analysis
CRJ 305: Women, Crime, and Justice  or CRJ 306: Race, Ethnicity and Justice
CRJ 308: Advanced Criminological Theory


Major Elective Courses (24 credit hours)
200 level or higher CRJ electives (6 credit hours)
300 level or higher CRJ electives (9 credit hours)
400 level CRJ electives (9 credit hours)
Important Note: 18 hours of upper division criminal justice courses are required


Related Area (9 credit hour)
View related area course list


General Education Courses (35 credit hour minimum)
View ASU's general education requirements

Remaining hours needed to reach 120 credits
General elective courses
Courses towards minor or certificate
Courses towards CRJ Internship
Area of interest courses


At Arizona State University, a major map outlines a major's critical requirements, courses, and optimal course sequencing and helps students get on the right track to graduation.


The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice provides a curriculum check sheet as an additional academic resource. 



  1. CRJ 100 and CRJ 201 are prerequisites for all 300 and 400 level courses.

  2. CRJ 225:Introduction to Criminology is the prerequisite for CRJ 308: Advanced Criminological Theory.

  3. MAT 117, MAT 142 or higher completed with a C or better is required to enroll in CRJ 302 and CRJ 303.

  4. Students must attain a grade of "C" or better in all courses credited towards the major, including courses in the related area

  5. Review ASU course catalog for additional course requirements and course enrollment

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