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Homeland Security Certificate

About this certificate:


The Undergraduate Homeland Security Certificate will provide students with the skills and credentials necessary to prepare them to enter fields specializing in Homeland Security.  Students will receive extended education in topics pertaining to Homeland Security such as Domestic and International Terrorism, Cyber Terrorism, and advanced crime courses.

Since the events of September 11, 2001, and the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, employment opportunities in this field have increased dramatically.  In addition to public law enforcement, many private companies in the United States have created new and highly effective security systems or expanded existing ones. Students with a degree/certificate in homeland security will be well equipped to take advantage of these career opportunities.

This program will be affiliated with the Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice but will also be available to non CRJ majors.  The certificate will enhance the bachelor's program as it will incorporate an additional credential to ASU Online students.  This certificate will also supplement non CRJ majors because it will provide students with additional Criminology courses not necessarily required for their primary degree.


Twenty one credit hours are required for the certificate: five required courses and two electives chosen from a list of pre-approved courses.  The electives taken toward the certificate will be selected by the student, but only from the courses on the pre-approved list.  Requires a minimum grade of “C” or better for all upper division courses.

Required courses:

•    CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice


•    CRJ 201 Criminal Justice Crime Control Policies and Practices

•    CRJ 412 International Terrorism

•    CRJ 417 Cyber Terrorism

•    CRJ 419 Domestic Terrorism

Electives (students will choose two courses):

•    CRJ 350 Law and Social Control

•    CRJ 422 Violence in America

•    CRJ 462 Gangs

•    CRJ 463 White Collar Crime

•    CRJ 464 Organized Crime

•    CRJ 494 Media, Crime and Criminal Justice

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