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Security Studies Certificate

The Security Studies Certificate provides students with the skills and credentials needed for employment in corporate and public security. Students will receive extended education in cross- disciplinary topics such as accounting, computer studies, and advanced crime and law courses. Upon completion of this certificate, students will be well-equipped to work alongside a variety of security professionals with different skill sets--an essential component of working in corporate or public security. 


An estimated 200,000 new security officers will be added by 2020 according to a study by ASIS International, an association of 38,000 security practitioners, and the Institute of Financial and Management. Positions will be available in a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, insurance, technology, healthcare, retail, professional services, and government. ASIS International found the median annual salary for security professionals in 2012 was $121,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects one type of security position--information security analyst—will grow by 37 percent over the next six years. BLS reports median pay for security analysts is $86,170 a year. 


Program Requirements

The following courses are required (12 total credit hours):

ACC 382 Accounting and Financial Analysis (3)

CIS 105 Computer Applications and Information Technology, CS (3)

CRJ 201 Criminal Justice Crime Control Policies and Practices (3)

CRJ 419 Domestic Terrorism (3)


    Select two from the following (6 total credit hours):

CRJ 410 Procedural Criminal Law (3)

CRJ 412 International Terrorism (3)

CRJ 413 Forensics (3)

CRJ 450 Crime Analysis (3)

CRJ 463 White Collar Crime (3)

CRJ 464 Organized Crime (3)


    Select one from the following (3 total credit hours):

CIS 235 Introduction to Information Systems (3)

CPI 101 Introduction to Informatics, CS (3)

CSE 100 Principles of Programming with C++, CS (3)

CSE 110 Principles of Programming with Java, CS (3)

CSE 180 Computer Literacy, CS (3)


    Select one from the following (3 total credit hours):

CRJ 484 Internship (3)

LES 305 Business Law and Ethics for Managers (3)

LAW 480 Business, Law, and Society (3)

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