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Criminal researcher/verification specialist


Clarifacts helps our clients minimize legal risk and avoid the time, energy and money sucking consequences that come from making a bad hiring decision. We are a Phoenix, AZ based investigations company specializing in employment background checks, drug testing and E-Verify/I-9 Compliance for clients throughout Arizona and the United States. 


Here we go…ready?

Conduct criminal record searches through court system portals and in-person

Coordinate research with our nationwide network of record retrievers

Make phone inquiries to verify employment, education, references etc.

Navigate our online ordering system and operational platform (no, you’ve never heard of it but we will teach you)

When necessary, data entry of client requests and investigative results (yes, some people still use a fax machine)



  • Bachelor’s degree (or current senior level student) in criminal justice, criminology or a very closely related field (must have basic knowledge of legal terminology)
  • Looking to start or continue your career in the background screening industry
  • So detail-oriented that it drives your friends and family crazy
  • Can work under constant time constraints (“87 hours is an eternity. The cosmos was created in less time.”…that’s a Cast Away reference)
  • Write and speak in a clear and friendly tone (you can’t be grumpy or mumble or compose incoherent letters, e-mails and whatnot)
  • Skilled in the use of Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook as well as the ability to efficiently navigate the Internet/websites
  • Proficient in typing (40-45 words or so per minute)

If this describes you well, keep reading. If it doesn’t, we know the right job is out there for you!


  • We take the work we do very seriously, but not ourselves (so you better be able to take a joke…and dish it out)
  • This is a full-time position. The hours are approximately 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday and is located in our downtown Phoenix office (3rd Ave & Roosevelt) 
  • The starting pay range is $10.00-$12.00/hour depending on education and experience. There are paid holidays, vacation time, personal days, health insurance reimbursement, bonuses and so on
  • You will absolutely be held accountable for the accuracy and timeliness of completing reports
  • In order to get the job, we are going to ask you a boatload of questions, make you take at least one assessment, do a background check (go figure), make you pee in a cup (for the drug test, of course) and give us your debit card PIN number (not really)


If you made it to the end and still find all of this appealing, please apply…..we look forward to harassing you.

Send your error-free resume and cover letter to



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