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Intern needed for AG's seized asset division

Office of the Arizona Attorney General

Financial Remedies Section

The Financial Remedies Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office is currently looking for an intern. The position will be unpaid, but the intern will be allowed to work as many hours as they would like to fulfill any class requirements.

The position will include assisting in the management of seized and forfeited assets. The mission of the Financial Remedies Section is the protection of legitimate commerce from the corrupting influences of criminal conduct through the application of civil remedies under Arizona's racketeering statutes. Its cases concentrate on ongoing criminal enterprises, mostly in the areas of illegal drugs and major fraud, but have also included other forms of organized crime, such as auto theft, prostitution and trafficking in stolen property. Virtually all of its cases allege the conduct of a criminal enterprise and money laundering in addition to the underlying criminal conduct.

Financial Remedies is comprised of:

  • 7 attorneys
  • 10 investigators
  • 12 analysts
  • a property manager
  • a paralegal
  • support staff


The Section attempts to identify areas of concern and implement proactive solutions, emphasizing long-term results and employing all available remedies, including coordinated regulation, civil prosecution and criminal prosecution. It attempts to identify areas of concern and implement proactive solutions.

The goal is to bring a judgment against any property that facilitated a criminal offense. Examples of property that are commonly seized include cash, bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, and weapons. These assets are managed in a computer database so the position will require someone that has an ability to learn new computer software quickly. While in this position the intern will get to work directly with law enforcement agencies throughout the state including DPS, Phoenix PD, Tempe PD, MCSO and other various agencies.

This position is an excellent experience as the intern will get the opportunity to network with many different agencies in the criminal justice field.

If interested in the internship email Joshua Riccio at
The email must include a resume and at least one paragraph explaining how you will impact our team.

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