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Juvenile Court – Crossover Youth liaison intern opportunity

3131 W Durango St Phoenix AZ 85009

This internship will provide the candidate with experience collaborating with community agencies, the Court, legal agencies and child welfare services to provide additional support for children who are involved in a dependency and delinquency case (dual ward) in the Juvenile Court. Intern may assist as a liaison in a staffing environment with stakeholders regularly, will research, familiarize and acquire community resources and services tailored for each crossover youth (case specific); may assist in creating a screening tool to identify appropriate cases for special staffing, may conduct follow up after court appearances to ensure that expectations are accomplished and further court intervention is or is not necessary, may collaborate with specific educational institutes for specific cases, will assist to identify  barriers which may prevent collaboration and various other tasks and responsibilities on an as needed basis. Appropriate data gathering and collection will also be a responsibility of the intern to recommend, identify, creating mechanisms to capture and analyze. 

Primary Duties:

  • Familiarize oneself with Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems.  Become proficient in understanding the Juvenile Court process and relevant Arizona Revised Statutes.


  • Update Court data base on a regular basis.


  • Research and confirm resources within the community and assist with sharing referrals and potential community contacts with staffing partners.


  • Create tool to collect and analyze appropriate data as directed by immediate Supervisor (Deputy Court Administrator of Programs and Services) and/or Crossover Youth Court Judge.


  • Learn collaborate techniques for working with court staff as well as outside agencies (CPS, attorney groups, child welfare agencies, community placement facilities, CASA, etc.)


  • Adapt to working in a fast-paced environment.


  • Regular use of automated computer based software and appropriate internet searches.
  • Communicate telephonically or in person with agency representatives (CPS, School officials, JPO’s, etc.) to gather information and assist with providing case status updates for the court’s review prior to each staffing.

If interested, call or email Linda Ban-Sandbloom and send her a copy of your resume.

Linda Ban-Sandbloom
Deputy Juvenile Court Administrator

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