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Juvenile Court Administration intern opportunity

3131 W Durango St. Phoenix AZ 85009

UPDATE: December 1, 2013: The internship has been filled and is no longer taking applications. 

This internship will provide the candidate with direct experiences with Juvenile Court staff, Judicial divisions and staff, families, guardians and agencies who work in the Juvenile court. Interns will learn from court staff how to use computer systems to check-in customers and attorneys, answer general questions, learn the function of a bailiff in Court and obtain experience doing so, learn about the many different case types in Juvenile court and become familiar with the parties and agencies who participate; observe conferences and mediations and work closely with Juvenile Court Administration.


Primary Duties:

  • Familiarize oneself with Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems.
  •  Become proficient in understanding the Juvenile Court processes, case types and relevant Arizona Revised Statutes.
  • Update Court database on a frequent basis. May assist court staff with working in a fast-paced environment, greeting customers, checking in parties on the computer system and giving general directions to customers who require assistance.
  • Understand the various roles of the professionals who work with juveniles in the system (County attorney, public defender, probation officer, CASA, GAL, Judge, Clerk of the Court, etc.)
  • Learn collaborate techniques while working for and observing court staff as well as with outside agencies (CPS, Magellan, Juvenile Probation, attorneys, etc.)
  • Adapt to working in a fast-pace environment. Regular use of automated computer databases including updating cases, hearings, check-in) and appropriate internet searches.
  • Learn and become very familiar with the Community Services Unit and to assist customers who need help by sending appropriate email correspondence from a work station.
  • Observe courtroom calendars, learn how the function of a bailiff is critical and begin to cross-train as a bailiff.

If interested, call or email Linda Ban-Sandbloom and send her a copy of your resume. Linda Ban-Sandbloom

Deputy Juvenile Court Administrator

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