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Kohl’s: Loss Prevention Intern

The Store Loss Prevention Internship Program is a 10 week summer program running from June 4th to August 10th. 
This internship is designed to give you the knowledge and experience needed to explore what an exciting career in retail loss prevention management is all about. Our Training Program consists of the following: computer based training, lp theft apprehensions & ethical standards training, safety/risk management, hands-on sales floor training, executive development, and exposure to all areas of the Store & the loss prevention division. You will also be provided with multiple opportunities to enhance your experience through exposure to senior level leadership, project presentations, panel interviewing and more!  As an intern with Kohl’s you will be treated as part of the loss prevention management team and learn the principles of what it takes to run a successful retail business with a focus on the protection of company assets. If you enjoy working with people and engaging in several dynamic roles, or if you are a high-energy person, who tends to get bored easily sitting at a desk all day long, a career in loss prevention management is sure to challenge and excite you.

In addition to several training modules and daily loss prevention responsibilities, each intern will complete an Impact Analysis Project. This project is your opportunity to research a specific operational area or opportunity within your training store, district or region and solve a problem and offer ideas for improvements. You will present your Impact Analysis Project to Senior Executives at the completion of your ten weeks. As a Kohl’s intern, you are given big responsibilities and the opportunity to shine!

What to Expect:
•    Potential Full Time career opportunities upon successful completion of the Internship Program
•    Competitive wages
•    Exposure to Senior Level Management; including District and Regional Managers within sales, loss prevention & human resources
•    Mentorship Program with former store interns
•    Hands-on experience with Theft Apprehensions, Theft Prevention/Strategy Building, Inventory Shortage Reduction/Awareness, In-Store Merchandising, Management Development, Sales, Store Operations, Scheduling, Payroll, and Human Resources
•    Opportunity to visit and analyze the competition
•    Continuous performance feedback
•    Impact Analysis Project to demonstrate skills gained throughout the Internship

Required Qualifications:
•    Field of Study - Criminal Justice, Business, Finance, or related field
•    Must be able to work full time between the dates of June 6th – August 12th, 2012
•    Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship
•    Strong analytical, leadership, and communication skills

Click the following link to get a more detailed idea of what your experience with Kohl's will be like:

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