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Paid domestic violence internship

Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)

Domestic Violence Intern Duties

Fall 2014

Regional planning agency seeks candidates for a paid domestic violence internship. Responsibilities include assistance with staffing the Regional Domestic Violence Council and work related to the criminal justice system. Excellent interpersonal, time management and writing skills required. Students working toward degree in public administration, planning or related field preferred. Visit for more information. Mail, fax, or e-mail resume to MAG, 302 N. 1st Ave.,Ste.300, Phx, AZ 85003; fax: (602) 254-6490, e-mail:

Dates of Paid Internship
Beginning: August 1, 2014
Ending: December 31, 2014
Hours per week: 16 hours per week

MAG Internship Supervisor
Name: Amy St. Peter, Human Services and Special Projects Manager
Work phone: (602) 452-5049

The MAG Protocol Evaluation Project was designed to improve the way law enforcement and prosecutors handle domestic violence crimes.  The project strives to save the lives of domestic violence survivors, save money for the agencies responding to these crimes, and hold those who abuse accountable. This internship provides opportunities to assist with analyzing data on best practices in responding to domestic violence crimes; developing training resources to include a training video and webinars; and coordinating and implementing training and press conference events.  Additional information about MAG and the Protocol Evaluation Project is available on the MAG website at

Feedback and Evaluation
Two-way communication is encouraged at all times with an open door policy. While feedback is given throughout the internship, formal opportunities are scheduled mid-semester and at the end of the internship. Interns are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions with the internship supervisor Human Resources Manager, and Executive Director.

General Goals
•    Understand and adhere to MAG policies
o    Read the MAG employee handbook.
o    Dress code is professional Monday through Thursday. Suits are to be worn for all committee meetings. Friday is casual day. Jeans may be worn but not flip flops or shorts.
o    MAG is a very professional environment. Standards for conduct are high both within the agency and in external meetings. All interns are ambassadors for MAG and their behavior reflects on the agency.
o    Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

•    Support the work of the MAG Human Services Division
o    Read previous reports of the Human Services Division.
o    Attend meetings with MAG Internship Supervisor.
o    Provide support to staff as needed.

Project Goals/Responsibilities
•    Gather and analyze feedback regarding the Maricopa County Felony Protocol Model through stakeholder groups, community meeting, and work group meetings.
•    Assist with developing recommendations for improving the Felony Protocol Model.
•    Help plan and host the MAG Protocol Evaluation Project Roundtable event.
•    Help with planning, coordination, and implementation of the annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month press conference.
•    Assist with the development, production and distribution of a training video for law enforcement.
•    Assist with coordination, development and presentation of webinar trainings promoting best practices in victim safety and abuser accountability.
•    Assist with meeting preparation and drafting meeting minutes for the MAG Regional Domestic Violence Council and various affinity groups.
•    Support the implementation of a survey to evaluate victims’ experiences with the criminal justice system.

Desired Skills and Experience
•    Excellent written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
•    Computer proficiency with applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
•    Exceptional interpersonal skills.
•    Strong time management skills.

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