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Graduate Funding

Invest in your future

Financial Support

ASU offers options to help fund your ASU graduate education. Here you will learn about available financial options to assist you in accomplishing your academic goals.

There are types of financial aid for graduate students at ASU:

  • Loans- federal and private loan funds available to help meet educational expenses. Must be repaid
  • Assistantships- provides graduate students with professional development opportunities that are unique to academia while also supporting the university’s teaching, research, and service missions. 


Graduate students with a financial need should follow the steps to apply for aid to begin the process of acquiring federal student loans.


Assistantships for Criminal Justice Students

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers assistantships to full time graduate students pursuing a Master of Science, Master of Arts (in-person) and Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice. Applicants who intend to apply for a graduate assistantship must submit an application. Download application


ASU Graduate College

Find additional scholarships/assistantships that you can apply for and for further assistance.

Financial Aid at ASU

Use these interactive tools to help you and your family estimate costs, plan budgets, and search for scholarships and student jobs:


Learn about the different types of financial aid available.



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