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Janne Gaub, Master of Arts, December 2009 

Upon graduation, Janne was hired as a program assistant with the nonprofit Center for Civic Education in Washington, D.C.

“I have a firm belief that a greater understanding of democratic principles, government, and our role in that system, will make students into better citizens, and hopefully lead them on a path that does not include crime,” 



Lauren L. Croft, Master of Arts, May 2007
As a graduate student she worked as a research assistant for the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety (CVPCS), working on a variety of community research projects including a study examining gang activity in Trinidad and Tobago, the West Valley Information Sharing Enterprise (WISE), Project Safe Neighborhood (PSN), in addition to organizing and managing a series of seminars for local and state law enforcement held at the West Campus.  

Lauren is currently, a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Fielding Graduate University, where she is planning to concentrate in forensic psychology so that she can integrate her criminal justice background into a clinical psychology practice.  


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