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James Gillette
Straight 'A' student, dad and former soldier, James Gillette joined the Army in 1997, but after a life altering injury and a year and a half hospital stay, Gillette left the army with E3 military status. He was later sent to Iraq as a contractor where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.
James Gillette, Online undergraduate

ccj_Amy_Mercado_sm.jpg "The School of Criminology has been a great experience. As a single mom, full-time student, and full-time employee- I want to get the most out of my educational experience and this program has exceeded my expectations."
Amy Mercado, graduate

"I have had amazing opportunities in this school! The faculty and advisors really care about student success." 
Arynn Infante, graduate, Immediate Past President of Alphi Phi Sigma

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